Verse of the day

“Tell all the people of Israel: I am the Lord your God! I am holy, so you must be holy!

Leviticus 19:2



Today human kind is passing through one of its most challenging and difficult times in history. The dignity of morality is degraded by waves of terrorism sweeping across the globe, abuse of morality through gay marriage, homosexuality, physical and psychological derange due to drug abuse, societal crisis due to bad leadership, broken homes, excruciating poverty due to global economic recession etc. These problems have made human existence frustrating, unfulfilling and adventurous. The scenario above has increased the rate of suicide, crime, bloodshed, and general insecurity. This situation has raised a lot of questions on the minds of so many people as “what is the way out” Attempts by governments, individuals, leaders to address these problems have not yielded appreciable results. Consequently, this is an attempt to also examine some aspects of human existence with the aim of drawing attention to some salient measures that may contribute in improving the situation.

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